The First Black Date ……Then What?

Avid readers of black dating advice columns will probably be so sick of “First Black Date Dos and Don’ts”. Things such as what to do, where to go, proper etiquette, and so on.

But what about after the date? Is there proper “behaviour” as well? These are just some frequently asked questions by “regulars” of the black dating scene.

Actually, there are indeed some “post-first date don’ts”. You know, things one should avoid once the date is over. For simplicity, we have decided to divide these into “for the gents” and “for the ladies”.

As always, ladies first:

  1. Don’t be too easy. So okay, you like the bloke. Hold on a minute. Men like a little mystery. Give him just that. If he starts “getting intimate”, slow him down. Not because you don’t like him. But because you want to keep him. You must of course, make this clear—that you don’t want to rush.
  1. Don’t offer to foot the bill: Let him feel he’s in control. Men like it when they are “in charge”


  1. Don’t stop him when he offers to call you a taxi: So you like taking the train. If he insists on calling you a cab however, let him. This makes him feel more secure about simply letting you off on your own.


  1. Don’t announce your “success” just yet: It sure is tempting to let all your friends know how wonderful your black date went, right? Don’t do so just yet. Wait and see how things will turn out.


  1. Don’t fret if he doesn’t call at once. So he said he’d call. But hasn’t just yet. Give him time. He may be quite hesitant and shy as well. Give him the benefit of the doubt.


And for the blokes:

  1. If you don’t like her, don’t sugar coat it. Don’t go and tell her stuff like “you’re nice”. This is simply another way of telling her she’s not your type. And women know this all too well.


  1. Don’t tell her that she reminds you of dear old Mum. Nothing is worse for a woman. It’s got “pressure” written all over it.


  1. Don’t give her “the tongue”. You may want to give her a goodnight kiss. But make it a simple kiss. No funny stuff. Be a gentleman, ok chap!


  1. Never ever say “I’ll call you tomorrow” if you don’t intend to do so. In fact, don’t tell her when you’re going to call. Don’t even ask for her number if you have no intentions of getting to know her better—which includes calling her up. This won’t win you any “brownie points” my friend.


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Some things you may wish to keep in mind after the first date. These could spell the difference between a second date and having nothing at all. Happy black dating!


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