Safety Tips for Online Dating

Whilst is all about having fun and meeting local singles, it’s also important to remember to be careful. By joining you’ve taken an important first step in safety, as every new member has to run through a security process and we maintain the most stringent security measures available. But keep these online dating safety tips in mind as well:

  • Wait until you feel comfortable with an individual before revealing personal information like your phone number, place of work or address.
  • Use a separate email account that does not include your real name. This is very simple and quick to set up with webmail providers as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or gmail.
  • Be very careful with financial information. Never send money to someone you’re interacting with online and never give out a credit card number, mother’s maiden name or other private information that could be used to access your financial accounts.
  • See what you can learn about your date by running an online search on them or looking him or her up on Facebook. You might want to become Facebook friends before you meet; you can always unfriend them.
  • Be honest about your age, other characteristics and what you’re looking for. Be extremely wary if you find out your date wasn’t being equally honest.
  • Always have your first meeting in a public place with other people around. You can quickly move on to somewhere more private to enjoy your adult encounter.
  • Keep your mobile phone with you at all times, fully charged and switched on.
  • Never leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger without watching it being poured.
  • Don’t get drunk. You need to keep control of everything, and ensure you fully enjoy your adult date!

Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, then leave.