Image And Black Dating

Did you know that image and black dating go together like fish and chips?

While you were told to always be yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to improve your image just a bit. Whether we admit it or not, we tend to look for people who are presentable, have pretty smiles and simple yet elegant looks. Physical appearance is the first thing people will see. So it pays to make yourself presentable, as if standing on a store window, waiting to be picked out.

One doesn’t need to have drop-dead gorgeous looks to attract a member of the opposite sex. It would be helpful however, to follow some simple steps when black dating:

  1.  Smile: A smile can always brighten up the darkest room. It can break out the pleasant nature of the Scrooge even. When you smile, you convey the message that you want to make friends. One thing to remember though: be sincere when you smile. Nothing could be worse than a grin which was plastered on your face for appearances sake.
  2. Wear it with style. True fashion means being comfortable with what you’re wearing. Don’t go out and buy the latest outfits just because they looked good in the latest fashion mags. Know your style and stick to it. If it needs some improvement, then so be it. Wear clothes that show the real you.
  3. Socialise and get out once in a while. Having tons of work isn’t an excuse to sit in front of the computer all day. Call up some friends and head for the pub. Or if you feel the nightlife is just not your thing, why not have some coffee. Or take a day trip. Just get out and have fun.
  4. Get rid of those cobwebs. Your personal space reflects who you are. This is especially true when it comes to how neat (or dirty) your place is. Remember that socialising can also mean having a few friends over. Or a date even. So take time to do a little dusting. It can go a long way.
  5. Have some scents. Splashing a little of that cool smelling fragrance can spell the difference between landing a date and being alone. Do remember to go easy. Dab on the “hot” areas (where you sweat the most). Don’t use the whole bottle all at once.
  6. While you’re cleaning your flat, it may be a good idea to clean your car as well. Whether Mercedes or Mitsubishi, a clean set of wheels speaks volumes of who you are.
  7. Music makes all the difference. Some good old music can help you loosen up and have fun. Just make sure that it reflects your taste.
  8. Good grooming is always key. A cool shower, some lotion and clean fingernails can make them come to you a lot easier.

 So whatever style you project, wear it well. In the end, being yourself and having a sense of style are just two ways to achieving success when it comes to black dating.


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