Endlessly looking for your black love?

We are all looking for black love. As singletons, we all long for that special person to share our lives with. For someone we can love and who will love us in return.
There are however, some people who are endlessly looking for love. People who, despite having found someone to be with, are still searching. And at the rate they’re going, will most probably never stop. It isn’t because they haven’t found the “right person”. Rather, they are “addicted” to the feeling of being in love. You know, the tingling sensation, the rush, one gets when they see their love for the first few times. Or when the relationship is new. They are constantly searching for that feeling. And nothing more.

So how will one know if he or she is dating such a person? Or worse, is one of them?

  1. Someone who thinks that love is a romance novel. Cultural influences have affected the way we date. Movies, books, and so on have made us all a little romantic. That’s all fine and dandy. Fantastic even. Up to a certain point, that is. Some people however tend to mistake this feeling for love. They think that if that if the feeling is not there, it isn‘t love. The sad reality is that monotony and the demands of daily life can indeed cause this feeling to take a back seat. It doesn’t mean however that we’re not in love anymore. It just means we’re living in the real world. Sharing ups and downs. Or at least that’s how it is really supposed to be.
  2. Speaking of reality, the person usually tends to live the relationship in a “dramatic manner”. Full of tears, where pain seems to take center stage. Not that life is full of tears. Sometimes though, they will make something up just to add some spice.
  3. The person is constantly looking for the “ideal” mate. Someone who is perfect. Or who will see them as being perfect. The problem is that they will never find such a person. Nobody is perfect, remember?
  4. They are empty and need to “fill” their emptiness with someone. And normally, falling in love is their way of filling this emptiness. They look at their partners as being their “world”. This drives them to become selfish and want him/her to adore them. And only them.
  5. When things get boring, they get going. Whether we like it or not, every relationship tends to have a “lull”. A phase where we get so comfortable that it just becomes a routine thing. This is when such people tend to look around. Remember that they are looking for that feeling of “being in love”. And they don’t realise that they can easily find it with their partner. If only they try and rekindle the flames of romance.

So don’t be a victim. Better yet, don’t be one yourself. We are all looking for love. And when we do find, it, let’s treasure it.

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