Black Dating – Are looks everything?

A lot of women in the black dating scene think that looks are everything. Well, okay, that looks are what attract a man the most. These women are in for an awakening—a pleasant one that is
While it may be true that a person on the black dating site may be attracted initially by someone’s looks, it isn’t the “be all and end all”. Sure, it’s natural since this is what he or she sees first. But it goes beyond shiny hair and pretty eyes. The fact of the matter is that when black dating,  a mature, marriage-minded men want more than a pretty face. They join a black dating site because they want someone whom they can talk to, someone who will take care of them and someone who will be there no matter what just to name a few.

The problem is that most women don’t really see this side of a man. They feel that they have to lose 30 or so pounds, have a whistle-bait figure and have perfect teeth just to get into the black dating scene. Here are a few things to consider when stepping out into the black dating world:

  •  Know yourself and what you have to offer. There are indeed a lot of supermodel types out there who get the men. But these women don’t have anything more to offer than you do. Know what is your best quality and let that shine through. And we’re not simply talking looks here. Come on now. You’ve got a pleasing personality. Or you’ve got the brains. As mentioned earlier, these are what mature men look for. Show the world what they’ll be missing.
  •  Be wary of men who are so bent on a woman’s looks. So he finds you pretty. Great! And he loves you’re hair colour and everything about your figure. No problem then right? Wrong. This bloke is simply out to have a good time. When you start to open your mouth and talk about the news for instance, he suddenly loses interest. What’s worse, when you start to gain a few pounds, he’s out the door quicker than a Ferrari. Beware of such animals and avoid them at all costs lest you end up as another “stunning trophy”.
  • Still don’t believe that looks aren’t everything? Why not see for yourself. Browse through some wedding photos. While you may find a supermodel here and there, there aren’t too many of them. Quite a number of the brides are of the “average type” – the one who would easily get lost in a crowd. But they’re tying the knot. If this doesn’t convince you, we sure don’t know what will.

So remember that black dating isn’t the exclusive enclave of the gorgeous and good-looking. Even ordinary people can easily find a black date. Just be yourself and practise some good old “good grooming” and you’ll be attracting the right black dates in no time.

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