Avoiding Bad Dates – Great Black Dating in 2013

Just like anything else, when black dating there are good dates and bad dates. Here are some dates one should avoid.

The Married Man: a big no-no! Plain and simple truth of the matter is that he (or she) is married—long-term till-death-do-us-part kind of commitment and is mostly likely just out for some, adventure and will not likely leave his/her spouse for you. Think about it, would you really be happy being a “weekend affair” or whenever he/she finds the opportunity? You may be with someone but you’re still single.

The Serial Dater: the dating game is their expertise. In fact, that’s all it is to them—a game. These are the men and women who are just after sex and nothing more. They are smooth talkers and know what you want to hear. And once they have got you where they want you, pow! Before you know it, they will be nowhere in sight—especially if they have found more interesting prey.

The Liar: these people hide the truth just to impress or to get you into bed. The problem here is that someone who habitually lies eventually believes that what he/she has been lying about is the truth and just goes on and on. The simple fact though is that nothing can be hidden forever; lies will be found out. So sometimes, being suspicious has its merits, especially if the person makes some outlandish claims or has some inconsistencies here and there.

The Possessive Lover: these people are usually insecure and lack self-esteem.  They seem fine at first but as your relationship goes on, things like keeping you at home, constantly asking your whereabouts, and the like becomes everyday fair. What’s worse is that they themselves break their own rules—while you’re stuck at home, they’re out partying somewhere. So be wary.

The Rebound: these people are trying to get over the last relationship and think that by dating someone new, they can do so faster. This is fine but if they’re not ready to date, then trouble brews underfoot.

The Flirt: serial flirts, that is. They always want to be the centre of attention and would most likely only care about you when no one else is around to give them any attention.

The Social Misfit: this is basically trying to see whether you both share the same social beliefs or not—if you both mix well with each other’s friends.

The Boss: this should be avoided at all cost not just because sleeping with the boss raises some ethical issues but honestly, would you really want to be the centre of office gossip—that you slept your way to the top?

So be a smart dater and choose wisely. And while black dating, avoid being a bad date yourself lest people start avoiding you too.

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