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Black Dating And Bank Holiday Dating Dilemmas

Do you consider yourself fairly unlucky in the black dating scene – and are you worrying about the approaching bank holiday weekend?

It is widely believed by psychologists that depression increases during the holidays. I can imagine that it is relatively easy to fall prey to the glum that the holiday brings if you have nobody to share it with. Sure, you may have your family with you. However, nothing rivals the closeness and intimacy that only a special partner can bring to your life.

Given that the bank holiday is this weekend, it would be nice to be aware of the black dating dilemmas many singletons face. But do not worry, for every problem, there are ways on how to deal with the particular malady.

Black Dating Dilemma 1: You notice that every holiday deed seems to drag compared to the previous year when you had a steady date to share your cheer with.

True, it hurts to dwell on memories of a past love. The bank holiday atmosphere only magnifies every feeling. We all know that holiday cheer means being with your special someone, spending time with family, and reconnecting with people who matter. But being single should not drag you down. Rather, lift your chin up high and concentrate on being with close friends. Remember, when you were dating you deprived yourself of spending time with your drinking buddies and teatime friends. So bring out your telephone directory and start organizing a reunion! Brace yourself for a jolly good time!

Black Dating Dilemma 2: Family and relatives constantly ask who you are currently dating.

This dreaded question seems as if they were dabbing salt on your wounds. The best thing to do in this type of situation is to come up with a template answer. Prior to going to the family gatherings, compose a believable answer. So when your Uncle Charles starts asking who your girlfriend is now, you can retort by saying: “I am single now because I am focusing my efforts on being active in Amnesty International.” Try to think somewhere along this line. The idea is to have your relatives think that a relationship is not part of your current agenda, as you have more important priorities in life. This way you won’t start sounding like a loser.

The holidays can sometimes be a drag, but with the right outlook and with proper planning, even a non-dating individual can still manage to sneak in some fun and survive. So go out there and have fun!

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