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Happy Easter from your favourite Black Dating Site

The team at MatchMeNowBlack , your favourite black dating site would liken to wish you a very happy Easter.

Spring is around the corner, (hopefully the weather will improve soon!) and our thoughts turn to love. If you are single bank holidays can be a difficult time particularly when it’s this cold and wet outside. Do you dream of being cuddled up in front of a good film with your hearts desire? Well instead of feeling low and eating one to many Easter eggs, why not take the plunge and start black dating today.

Its totally free to up load your profile and there are plenty of tips and helpful hints on the blog to make sure you create a black dating profile which truly does you justice.

Make Spring 2013 the time you took control of your love life. Use your time this bank holiday to take positive action and join a black dating site today.

Happy Easter.





Black Dating – Flirt your intentions

So you’re seriously considering dating this gorgeous black woman. And you really find her attractive. The problem is that you don’t really know how to go about telling her your intentions. You haven’t known her that long and you don’t really know how she feels about you.
Not to worry. You needn’t worry about opening up and being rejected. Here are some black dating techniques you can try.


  • Tell her straight up that she is beautiful. A sincere compliment is all that it takes really. Oh, and you may want to go beyond looks. Remember that there is more to a person than facial features or a fabulous body. You may want to compliment her on how wonderful a person she is. Or how fantastic a cook she is. Although you don’t know her that well, chances are she isn’t a perfect stranger. There’s got to be something you know about her, refresh your memory and reread her black dating profile.. Use this knowledge to your advantage.


  • Don’t come off sounding like some cheap flirt. While you may want to flirt a bit, don’t overdo it. Remember that a sincere compliment is what’s desired. Not some “cheap pick up line” sort of compliment. Watch your language and avoid the “cool stuff “ altogether.


  • While we’re on the subject of flirting, a lot of men end up in flirting disasters all because they’re too tense. They get so nervous that they end up saying the wrong things. Or doing a right approach albeit in a blundered manner. Relax. Don’t fold under the pressure. Stop focusing on the negative “what ifs”. Chances are, they may not happen. And staying calm helps ensure this. The worst that can happen is she rejects you. Then take this as a sign to move on and consider taking another look at the black date on the black dating site. New black dates are signing up everyday.


  • Flirting isn’t exclusive to men. A woman who has a “thing” for you would also use flirting in order to get your attention. In fact, most women who don’t want to make the first move will be more subtle about telling a man that they like him. The eyes, the body language and even the spoken language itself. Learn the signals and use them to your advantage.


  • Know yourself and let it shine through. Know your good qualities, your interests and so on. If for instance, you like to make people laugh, do this while you’re with her. Or if you have a soft spot for animals. This comes in handy if she has a pet. The point is to be yourself.


Remember that black dating and courting a woman isn’t about “being smooth”. It is simply being yourself and knowing how to approach your black date in a sincere way. Do this and you’ll win her heart in no time.

Black Dating – Are looks everything?

A lot of women in the black dating scene think that looks are everything. Well, okay, that looks are what attract a man the most. These women are in for an awakening—a pleasant one that is
While it may be true that a person on the black dating site may be attracted initially by someone’s looks, it isn’t the “be all and end all”. Sure, it’s natural since this is what he or she sees first. But it goes beyond shiny hair and pretty eyes. The fact of the matter is that when black dating,  a mature, marriage-minded men want more than a pretty face. They join a black dating site because they want someone whom they can talk to, someone who will take care of them and someone who will be there no matter what just to name a few.

The problem is that most women don’t really see this side of a man. They feel that they have to lose 30 or so pounds, have a whistle-bait figure and have perfect teeth just to get into the black dating scene. Here are a few things to consider when stepping out into the black dating world:

  •  Know yourself and what you have to offer. There are indeed a lot of supermodel types out there who get the men. But these women don’t have anything more to offer than you do. Know what is your best quality and let that shine through. And we’re not simply talking looks here. Come on now. You’ve got a pleasing personality. Or you’ve got the brains. As mentioned earlier, these are what mature men look for. Show the world what they’ll be missing.
  •  Be wary of men who are so bent on a woman’s looks. So he finds you pretty. Great! And he loves you’re hair colour and everything about your figure. No problem then right? Wrong. This bloke is simply out to have a good time. When you start to open your mouth and talk about the news for instance, he suddenly loses interest. What’s worse, when you start to gain a few pounds, he’s out the door quicker than a Ferrari. Beware of such animals and avoid them at all costs lest you end up as another “stunning trophy”.
  • Still don’t believe that looks aren’t everything? Why not see for yourself. Browse through some wedding photos. While you may find a supermodel here and there, there aren’t too many of them. Quite a number of the brides are of the “average type” – the one who would easily get lost in a crowd. But they’re tying the knot. If this doesn’t convince you, we sure don’t know what will.

So remember that black dating isn’t the exclusive enclave of the gorgeous and good-looking. Even ordinary people can easily find a black date. Just be yourself and practise some good old “good grooming” and you’ll be attracting the right black dates in no time.

Black dating photos

Whether you have been using black dating sites for a while, or you’re brand new to the black dating scene, it’s important that you choose the right photo to accompany your black dating profile. It’s a fact that there’s an element of physical attraction in dating – in traditional dating where you might meet someone in a club or the supermarket it’s the physical attraction that comes first – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the same when it comes to black dating online.

Writing a great black dating profile is important, but unless you’re a Booker Prize author, you’re unlikely to be able to give a better description of yourself than a photograph can. That’s why you need to add a photograph to ensure that the people viewing your profile have as much information as possible. Studies show that you are eight times more likely to get a response to your profile if you have attached a photo, and your chances increase with the quality of your photo.

You can tell a lot about a person from the type of photo they include in their black dating profile. If you include a photo of yourself doing something adventurous, like bungee jumping, you are clearly saying something about your personality – similarly if you include a professional studio shot you run the risk of people thinking you are a bit of a narcissist. Go for the safer option – a nice, clear, genuine photo.

It’s important that your picture shows you as you are now. Imagine being in contact with someone whose photograph looked great, only to find out when you meet them that at it’s at least 15 years old! It’s far more important that your photo accurately represents the person you are now.

In the digital age with most phones having great cameras there’s really no excuse for a dodgy shot. Get a friend to help you take a good photograph, remembering that the background is nearly as important as you are. Take a range of natural, smiling shots and then choose the one that you like best. You can upload it directly to your computer and add it to your profile. What’s more, you can change it – if you have your hair cut, or get contact lenses instead of glasses, for example.

Your black dating profile and your photograph are your key marketing tools as far as black dating is concerned. Take the time to get them right and watch those replies flood in!



Spring into Black Dating

Spring is exactly the right time to think about black dating again.

Spring is the time for new beginnings; dusting yourself down and making a new start. If you’re serious about having fun this year, and maybe being part of a serious relationship by next Christmas, then you need to start looking for some new black dates.

Where better to look than a black dating site? An increasing number of black singles and people of all ethnicities who want to date black men and black women are going online in an effort to find a blackdate, and most of them are being rewarded with a wide range of people to choose from. What’s more, the numbers of serious, long-term relationships that have developed from black dating sites are growing too, which is another reason why you should get online a black dating site today.

What do you want?

Before you join a black dating site, make sure you know what you want. Defining the types of people you want to meet and the sorts of relationships you want to have will also partly decide which black dating ste you choose. With a dating site like MatchMeNowBlack, you can choose from thousands of members, and spend time chatting online or emailing before you meet in person. If you don’t have any luck first time round, then just keep browsing. The black dating site is there for you to enjoy and make the most of, so take your time and the black dating rewards could be coming your way.

Choosing a black dating site

When you are browsing online, pay attention to the site you’re using. How user friendly is it? Is all the information you want available? Does it tell you how much it costs to join the service? What does it tell you about security and protection whilst your black dating online? Does it give you help and advice on using the site and black dating in general? And does it cater for the sort of black dates you’re looking for? You must feel comfortable with the site and the services it offers.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re looking to date black men or date black women, or at least for some new people to meet. Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and browse through black dating site members, you’ll be surprised by how easy and attractive online black dating is. Try it today and enjoy your some black dating this spring!

Avoiding Black Dating Profile Sins

Avoiding basic mistakes when using black dating sites will improve your chances of black dating success

It’s true: just like anything else in life, you can ruin the chances of your black dating profile working for you, simply by making basic errors in the way you’ve approached the whole black dating process. Assuming that you’re using a black dating site because you want to find someone special, rather than because you’ve got nothing else to do with your time, you’ll find it useful to avoid these common pitfalls:

  •  Don’t rush

Just because you’re using a black dating site, it doesn’t automatically follow that the black dating process will be quicker than its traditional counterpart. Assuming that everything will work better because you’re online is a classic mistake. You still need to take the time to get to know the black men and black women who respond to your black dating profile, and not just to dismiss them out of hand. Make the time to get everything right; from your own black dating profile, to reading the black dating profiles of others, evaluating responses and thinking about replies. Rush any part of this and you could end up dating someone who’s completely wrong for you, or not getting any black dates at all. Remember that black dating sites are a great way to meet a wider range of people, not a quick fix for your black dating problems.

  •  Be generous

You’ve decided on the type of person you want to respond to your black dating profile and you were probably pretty specific when you decided on your criteria. Don’t make the mistake, though, of dismissing someone who isn’t an exact fit – you could just be throwing away the black date of your dreams. So: you asked for a black man over 6 feet – if someone responds who smaller than that, don’t bin his reply – find out a little more about him before you make any judgements. Think about how you would like to be treated by someone whose criteria you don’t quite fit and apply those standards to your own respondents.

  • Don’t get carried away

It’s easy to get over-excited when some interesting responses land in your mailbox. Even if you are chatting online or exchanging emails, don’t assume that this is going to be the start of a perfect black relationship. The key test for black dating sites, as with all other dating, is how you get on when you actually meet. Remember that not everyone online is genuine, and you should always approach respondents with a sensible amount of caution – get in too deep and you could regret it later on.

Black dating sites are growing because online dating is successful. With the right approach to your black dating profile, and to the responses you get, you could be the next success story.

Is your Black Dating profile really personal?

When using a black dating site the more you say about yourself, the better your responses will be.

Are you someone who looks at the black dating site online profiles, but isn’t convinced that this form of dating is for you? Perhaps the whole idea of using dating sites for black people seems too impersonal to you – but these black dating sites have worked for thousands of people and if you use them properly, they could work for you too.

Black dating sites are used by a wide variety of black singles and people of all enthicities wanting to date black men and black women. You can’t do this successfully without telling people a little about yourself, but you can do it without making yourself vulnerable to others. Try these simple tactics when you’re preparing your black dating profile:

  • Anonymous, not impersonal

Safety concerns mean that black dating site profiles are best left anonymous until you decide that you want to tell someone who you are. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be personal when you’re compiling your black dating profile however. In fact, the more you tell people about yourself, the more likely you are to get responses from people you want to meet. Don’t give out phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses or full names, but do make your black dating profile positive and attractive.

  • What about you?

People are using black dating sites to find someone that they might be compatible with. In order to have a chance to attract your ideal partner, you need to tell them what you’re like and the things that interest you. Give as much detail as you like, because a personal black dating profile that differs from the norm is the one that will stand out to readers. Summing yourself up in 30 words sounds hard, but if you start with a list of all your positive points, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to focus on the ones that you think might get a good response. You want your readers to come away with a mental picture of you and your lifestyle.

  •  The photo

A good photograph of yourself is essential when using a black dating site. There are some rules to posting photos, which you’ll find more information about on the MatchMeNowBlack website. In general, though, choose a photograph that just shows you, in a relaxed, informal pose. Don’t get pictures taken specially – just use a good holiday photo,or one where you are smiling and relaxed is great.

Black dating site profiles aren’t impersonal; they’re just another great way of linking up with people you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Use them wisely, and you’ll see exactly how they can enhance your black dating experiences.

Black Dating

Does it seem like your black dating life is going nowhere? Do you feel as though you’ve dated every black lady on the planet but still end up alone?
If this is what you’re going through right now, then maybe its time you took a break—a black dating break. Believe or not, quite a number of us may need a break from dating at one time or another. The problem is that some just don’t realise it. Or don’t want to acknowledge that they’ve got a problem.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone tends to get worn out once in a while. But how does one know if he or she is in need of a “dating break”? Here are some things to consider:

  1. It seems as though you’re always hitting a brick wall: So you claim to have dated a lot of women. That’s all fine and dandy. And you’ve been quite successful with some of them. You’ve had more than just a few dates and have actually shared meaningful relationships with them. The problem is that these relationships don’t last very long. Or worse, they end up in utter chaos. Either you are left bruised. Or your significant other suffers the blows. And you’re back to square one – you’re all alone.
  2. By the same token, the last few “outings” can’t seem to go beyond a couple of dates. One particular lady didn’t even want to see you after the first date. Oh dear, things do look grim indeed.
  3. The scars of the past just don’t seem to heal. In all honestly, they may not. This is because of the seeming frequency between dates. In such a case, it is indeed advisable to take a break in order to allow the wounds to heal. Band-aid is only effective if it isn’t exposed to moisture. In other words, don’t keep trying to heal that broken heart by setting yourself up for a new one.
  4. You are starting to feel utter disdain for any member of the opposite sex. Oh dear, you’re beginning to become a woman hater. Not a very good sign. Remember that not all women are the same. Moreover, it takes “two to tango” in a manner of speaking. What we’re trying to say is that you may have had a hand in things going sour.

If any of these things are happening to you, then it is indeed time for a black dating break. Remember that this is your chance to fix yourself up and become a better person. Done properly, you will be in fighting form in no time at all. Good luck and hope to see you back in the black dating scene soon.