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A Game Of Black Dating

So you’ve finally snagged the much-coveted date. After filling out your profile and searching for your perfect Black date, here comes the culmination of all the hard work you’ve thus far put in….the date.
The first date is always nerve-wracking. Whoever says that first dates are a breeze, well, they are lying. Even if the person you are dating has been a friend for ages, when it comes to the first date, everything becomes different. From the way you dress to dinner plans, you want it all to be perfect.

What will she think? Will she like me? Does she like Indian food? Should I wear the blue shirt or the crinkled striped shirt? Will she fall in love with me? These are probably just a few of the questions that are running through your mind. It’s natural to be filled with much anticipation. After all, you really like the girl and hope that this first date will lead to more future dates.

Here are a few tips for your all-important first black date:

– All is fair in love and war. While it is a cliché, there is a lot of truth in it. As in war, the campaign for love requires preparation and a tactical approach. The battle occurs during the date. One false move and it could be all over. Observe your target, plan accordingly, whittle her defences, move in and conquer.

– During the first date, a woman’s defences are unusually high. You can’t blame her really. She doesn’t really know you. Act naturally, as if all your actions are second nature. Do not betray the fact that you are nervous and have no idea what you are doing. The dating game is much like chess. Plan several moves ahead and never hesitate.

– In dating, it is always important to exude a calm, take charge aura. Even if underneath your calm exterior, you are churning nervousness, never show a sign of weakness on your part.

Dating may be nerve-wracking but with the proper preparation, your first date should be successful. While planning is key, the real objective is for the both of you to enjoy your date. Assuming you both have a great time, would it really matter if you wore the blue shirt? As long as you play your cards right, things should go smoothly.

Find Your Valentine Online

This could be the month that you find your true love online! February is a great month to start online dating because people have got over the Christmas rush and are ready to start looking for a relationship for the New Year.

So, how can you find your digital valentine?

If you’ve never tried online dating before, you may be a bit nervous about trying it out – but there’s nothing to worry about. So many people are dating online that you’re immediately part of a big community, and good dating websites have lots of advice on how to create a good profile and how to take the first step and contact someone you’re interested in. If you’re used to emailing your friends, you can date online.

Finding your valentine might be a little more complicated – there are thousands of people on every dating site – but paying attention to how you write your profile, and being specific about the sort of person you’re looking for will help you to narrow down the field of possible dates. Take the time to write your profile carefully; you want to make yourself sound interesting and appealing, perhaps with a touch of humour and something that will attract the reader’s attention, like a catchy headline, or a question at the end that invites the reader to send you a contact message.

It’s also a good idea to post a good photograph to accompany your profile. Whilst you should accept that some people will contact you based only on your photo and not on your profile, most people will take the two together and it’s always good to be able to put a face to a profile.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve written and the photo you’ve chosen, post them on the site and wait to see what happens. In the meantime, browse through the other profiles on the site to see if there’s anyone who meets your criteria. If so, send them a brief contact message to see if they want to get in touch.

It may be a different approach to finding a valentine, but it’s one that’s worked for thousands of people – give digital romance a try this year!