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Black Dating, Get Noticed!

Make sure you stand out from the black dating crowd – with a great photo . . .
Adding your photograph to your personal profile is a great way of getting noticed, but it’s the one thing that many internet daters are reluctant to do. Even though many of the profiles you view will have photographs attached, but that may not convince you that you need to do the same.

People who don’t post their photograph often say that they are too shy, or that they are worried about security. Remember that the whole point of internet dating is to attract people you wouldn’t usually meet and letting them see what you look like is very different from giving out your address or telephone number. If you’re worried that your photo may not do you justice – don’t. The photo just gives people an idea of what you look like. It’s not meant to be model portfolio or glossy magazine standard – and people who reject you based just on your picture probably aren’t worth getting to know anyway.

Still doubtful? Here are some good reasons why you should post your photo:

1.  Studies have shown that dating profiles without photos are more likely to get passed over than ones with good, clear photos attached to them.

2.  Not posting a photo may lead other people to suspect you have something to hide.

3.  A good photo is an attention-grabber. Although most people won’t judge you solely on your photograph, it could be the thing that spurs them on to read the rest of your profile and get in touch.

Remember that your photograph doesn’t have to be picture-perfect. It just needs to be clear and preferably one that doesn’t include other people. In the long run, it could increase your chances of being contacted by other interested daters, giving you the opportunity to show them what you’re like in real life!


Image And Black Dating

Did you know that image and black dating go together like fish and chips?

While you were told to always be yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to improve your image just a bit. Whether we admit it or not, we tend to look for people who are presentable, have pretty smiles and simple yet elegant looks. Physical appearance is the first thing people will see. So it pays to make yourself presentable, as if standing on a store window, waiting to be picked out.

One doesn’t need to have drop-dead gorgeous looks to attract a member of the opposite sex. It would be helpful however, to follow some simple steps when black dating:

  1.  Smile: A smile can always brighten up the darkest room. It can break out the pleasant nature of the Scrooge even. When you smile, you convey the message that you want to make friends. One thing to remember though: be sincere when you smile. Nothing could be worse than a grin which was plastered on your face for appearances sake.
  2. Wear it with style. True fashion means being comfortable with what you’re wearing. Don’t go out and buy the latest outfits just because they looked good in the latest fashion mags. Know your style and stick to it. If it needs some improvement, then so be it. Wear clothes that show the real you.
  3. Socialise and get out once in a while. Having tons of work isn’t an excuse to sit in front of the computer all day. Call up some friends and head for the pub. Or if you feel the nightlife is just not your thing, why not have some coffee. Or take a day trip. Just get out and have fun.
  4. Get rid of those cobwebs. Your personal space reflects who you are. This is especially true when it comes to how neat (or dirty) your place is. Remember that socialising can also mean having a few friends over. Or a date even. So take time to do a little dusting. It can go a long way.
  5. Have some scents. Splashing a little of that cool smelling fragrance can spell the difference between landing a date and being alone. Do remember to go easy. Dab on the “hot” areas (where you sweat the most). Don’t use the whole bottle all at once.
  6. While you’re cleaning your flat, it may be a good idea to clean your car as well. Whether Mercedes or Mitsubishi, a clean set of wheels speaks volumes of who you are.
  7. Music makes all the difference. Some good old music can help you loosen up and have fun. Just make sure that it reflects your taste.
  8. Good grooming is always key. A cool shower, some lotion and clean fingernails can make them come to you a lot easier.

 So whatever style you project, wear it well. In the end, being yourself and having a sense of style are just two ways to achieving success when it comes to black dating.


Black Dating – Experience Is Your Best Teacher

Everyone seems to have something to say whenever black dating is the topic of conversation. Different people have different advice about different situations.
There are just so many factors to consider that black dating suddenly seems like a daunting task. It should be easy and natural but it’s not because you find it difficult to read women/men. If you’re lost and scared because you don’t know how to act around members of the opposite sex, read on.

One of the best ways to learn about what to do and how to act when on a date with someone you fancy is to seek the advice of friends who are good with members of the opposite sex. They will gladly impart what they know simply because you are friends. However, be aware that not everything they tell you will work. Some of them won’t, but that doesn’t mean your friend is trying to sabotage your love life. It just means that his style didn’t suit the situation or the date.

As you go on dating different people, it’s also helpful to talk to different friends for advice and see what they have to say. Take note of the different approaches they use and which ones work for you. Also take note of the type of person you’re dating and which approach worked on which type of date. This probably sounds hard but, as you go on black dating, you’ll find that your memory commits to these details without your having to try so hard. This is because experience is the best teacher.

The reason you should ask your successful friends initially is because their advice comes from years spent on honing their dating skills. They probably asked for advice as well when they started out, but experience taught them what approach works and which ones don’t. The same goes for you. You should try what they have to say in order to see which ones work for you.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Rejection does sting but keep in mind that it’s also where majority of the lessons come from. Always take note what you did right and where you went wrong in order to further develop your black dating skills. In time you will become a natural and someone else will come up to you to ask for advice. When the time comes, be sure to extend your hand and help them out.